5 Reasons Everyone Should Own a Multimeter

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A multimeter is the essential component of every house. In addition, we are all surrounded by physical entities that demand regular checking and maintenance services.

Moreover, most of the entities have electricity connections.

You need a tool that helps to check the electric current supply and find out the issues.

We prefer to hire a professional electrician or an engineer to deal with the electric problems because they have all the necessary equipment in their toolbox for accessing the issues.

So what if you have a tool at home that helps you to detect the initial issues?

In that regard, the multimeter is the king of tools and is considered the essential component of the electrician toolkit. You may know about it as the voltmeter because it helps in checking the volts.

Now everyone should keep a multimeter at their home. But many of us still do not understand its importance. So here, we will share the five practical reasons that help you understand why owning a multimeter is essential.

What is a Multimeter?

A multimeter is a necessary tool for the electrician’s tool kit. It has symbols and buttons that may confuse a regular person.

However, it provides three main functions: voltage measurement, resistance check, and continuity measurement.

Moreover, it has two wires that help to measure the electric energy supply and its voltage. It also has dials and buttons to select the type of energy you are measuring.

Reasons to own a multimeter

Here are some practical reasons that everyone should consider and understand how essential it is to own a multimeter called the Smart Multimeter. When we reach a smart multimeter, then it clearly describes its efficiency.

Ensure Safety

The smart multimeter helps to check the safety of electrical instruments without having any fear of shocks or hazards.

The multimeter has two probes in which one is the positive terminal, and the other is negative that helps measure the voltage supply.

Moreover, the smart multimeter or the analog multimeters are available that help to measure the authentic results. So when you have your multimeter, you will quickly check the electricity supply and ensure its safety.

Test Batteries

We all need to shift the batteries in search of reliable batteries that actually work and don’t die too quickly.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to access the battery conditions when we want to buy a new battery. Most of the time, we purchase a battery, and it comes out dead. So the multimeter makes the battery purchasing process easy and reliable.

Check the battery with a multimeter by turning it on and connecting the probes with black and red terminals. Ensure that the black probe is attached with a negative terminal and the red one is positive.

Read the number on a multimeter digital display and match it with battery-rated voltage.

Check Extension Cords

Multimeters help to check and clear the doubts regarding extension cords’ reliability. First, check extension cords on continuity mode and set the probe terminals.

When you connect the multimeter and activate it, you will hear a beeping sound that indicates the goodness of the cord.

The beeping sound is the sign of continuous connection inside the cable. If you don’t hear any beep by connecting with all the wires, then it’s time to get a new cord.

Check For a Faulty Switch

It is also a great reason to own a multimeter to check your faulty switches and replace them immediately.

Before checking the switch, ensure that you will shut down the electricity. Then connect the multimeter with the button and note down the screen.

If it shows the OL sign, then it means that your switch has infinite resistance. Moreover, you can also run the reverse test by switching on the board.

Now, if your switch is good, then it shows the reading near zero. Now, if it continuously shows ALL the time to shop for a new switch.

Detect Minor Electrical Issues

Commonly, we all face some minor electric issues at our places. For such problems, we don’t need to call for a professional electrician.

When you have the multimeter, it will help you detect the issue and cause behind it. You can find out the fault with the multimeter and then deal with it according to your requirement.


By summing up, it is clear that multimeter provides plenty of benefits to its users.

So it would help if you also considered having it in your toolbox for accessing many minor and major electrical issues.

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