How to Make a Hole in Glass Without A Drill?

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You may come across many situations where you would have to make holes/holes in the glass without using a drill.

How-Make-a-Hole-in-Glass-Without-A-DrillNow, it’s not mandatory that you have a drill, and you just don’t want to use it.

Rather it may occur that you can not find a drilling machine around you or simply you can not afford one.

Easing down the situation for you today, I will take you over to the five effective ways of drilling a hole in the glass without using a drill.

Early Considerations

Now before jumping into a specific procedure, I want you to make certain considerations.

  • First, recognize whether you have to make a hole on a flat surface or around one (bottle).
  • Heat-treated or tempered glass is difficult to cut without using a drill.
  • For visualization, transparent glass is a better subject for work.
  • It is easy to cut a thin glass.
  • Bottles with large diameters should be avoided because they are usually fragile.
  • Square-shaped bottles are relatively easy to handle.
  • Lastly, keep in mind that you have to be a lot careful while working on glass. Especially when you are dealing with everything manually. Because you might break the whole thing while going casual.

Now, let’s get into the five most effective ways to make a hole in the glass without a drill!

Method 1: Using Glass Cutter

This method demands from you the use of an instrument that contains a cutting blade on its end. The blade is made up of tungsten carbide, and the instrument looks like a pencil.

Depending on the expertise and control level, you can cut both flat as well as round glass. It is good to practice several times to come up with the best results.

All you need is a glass cutter, gloves, round cap, marker (permanent), and duct tape to carry out this procedure.

So, the following is the procedure that you have to follow:

  • First things first, wear gloves for the safety of your hands because otherwise, you may get them injured.
  • Secondly, using a perfectly round cap, do the markings. Place the cap on the desired spot, and using the marker, do the markings.
  • Now, to protect crack development, cover the place around the marking with the help of duct tape.
  • You are good to go now. Using the cutter like a pencil, make a scratch over the marking.
  • Once the whole is scratched at its circumference completely, push the middle part using your thumb. It will come out.
  • To smooth the surface, you can use sandpaper.

So, that’s it; you have a hole in your glass in a very short time.

Method 2: Using a Soldering Iron

Yeah, we are coming on temperature techniques now. Soldering iron is a very effective method to have a hole in your glass without needing a drill.

All you need in this procedure is your subject glass (bottle or anything like that), soldering iron, and a bottle scoring jig. You can use safety gloves as well.

Once you have everything with you, just follow the procedure below.

  • If you are working on a bottle, then choose the portion with curvature as it will help in applying the bottle scoring jig.
  • Now, turn your solder ON, and just like welding, hold it on a point for a minute and slowly move it around the curvature. If you do not get a cut, then it is better to go in the opposite direction. It is important to apply the heat until the parts split.
  • The crack should chase the tip; if it doesn’t, you should go for the other side.
  • Keep in mind that flat surfaces are not as crucial as round surfaces are. Therefore, you have to put in extra care and technique.
  • Once you carry out the whole path with the solder, you will see the cracks will meet. But as the cracks are sharp, you will have to push the portion to get the hole. In the case of the bottle, push it from inside.

Thus, you are done; it takes minutes to do this procedure. If you are still unclear, you should explore more about this procedure because it is better to do more research than damaging your material.

Method 3: Using Gas Flame Torch and Iron Nail

Then comes another exciting temperature method. It is undoubtedly one of the best methods to puncture your glass bottle as well as flat glass.

But it works better with bottles. You might know that it is easy to puncture a heated glass. So, the same principle is being used here.

But first, you have to make sure about the availability of a torch or lighter, duct tape, water, iron nail, and a hammer. It is recommended to use safety gloves as well.

The procedure goes like this;

  • First off, cover the bottom of the glass bottle or the area around the intended hole with duct tape to avoid crack formation/propagation.
  • Now, you have to pour water around the area of the intended hole.
  • For the next step, you can use any lighter or torch to heat up the area. Make sure you heat it for 3 to 5 minutes until the area is properly heated.
  • Now, you have to apply the technique using a hammer and a nail. Puncture the glass using these tools until you make a hole.

That’s it. It is done very easily.

Method 4: Using Water Jet

Yeah, so now the game gets more exciting, right? If you didn’t find the previous methods exciting enough, then try this one out.

I love these techniques because they are so exciting. It might seem unconventional, but sometimes you have to go that extra mile for exceptional results.

There comes the water jet cutting. It uses a high-pressure jet of water. Therefore, cutting glass is so easy with the help of a water jet.

You will usually find a pressure range of 60,000 PSI. To cut glass, you just need to fix the range up to 10,000 to 15,000 PSI.

Here goes the procedure;

  • First off, clamp the glass properly to make it sustain the pressure.
  • Once done, mark the intended area using a marker.
  • For better water jet parts, I recommend you use a fine mesh abrasive (100).
  • Now, you have to ramp the pressure slowly so that it comes to an ideal pressure.
  • A better flowrate setting would be around 0.2 kg/min. So, set it on the machine.
  • Now, you should cut straight through the glass.

That’s it, it just needs a bit of expertise from you, but the process is very efficient. 

Method 5: Using Laser

The last method is the most exciting one. It might be expensive because you would need laser equipment for it.

But you can find it in workshops to get the job done. This process will provide next-level precision, but you will have to be extra careful while operating laser equipment.

The equipment uses various gases to come up with the desired energy level that cuts the material.

But as I mentioned, you have to be extra careful while following this technique because it can turn out to be dangerous in a lot many aspects.

You have to be careful in all those aspects. Other than that, you would need special safety equipment to carry out the procedure.

You actually converge the laser on the markings and follow a route.

But it is not that simple. I suggest you ask a professional or find a comprehensive guide if you are passionate about this procedure. That will surely help you achieve results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a hole in a glass bottle without tools?

There are several ways. Five of them are discussed above. You can follow any of them depending on the availability of resources.

How to make a hole in the glass with a lighter and duct tape?

A duct tape is used to prevent crack formation and propagation.

So, you apply the duct tape around the intended area. Then you use a lighter to heat up the area, and then using a hammer and nail, you puncture the glass.

What is the best drill bit for glass?

Speared-tipped drill bits and diamond-tipped drill bits are great to use. I would recommend diamond-tipped.

Why does my glass keep shattering when I try to put a hole in it?

Maybe it is heat-treated or tempered glass, or you are not going gentle on it.

Can you drill tempered glass?

Yes, tempered glass is mostly worked on with drilling machines.

Can you poke a hole in the glass?

Absolutely yes, you can poke a hole in the glass.

How to Drill a Hole in Glass?

You can use various methods, as I discussed above. Or you can go with a drilling machine as well.

Can you drill a hole in the glass with a regular bit?

It is better to use the suitable ones; tungsten carbide and diamond-tipped. 


I have tried to cover all the aspects for you to find the best way.

You can try every method for practice. But once you find a specific technique suitable, you should master it to come up with great results. Never compromise on your safety. Have a wonderful day.

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