How to Drill Through Porcelain Tile Without Cracking

How to Drill Through Porcelain Tile Without CrackingDrilling through porcelain tiles is one of the hardest and most challenging things that you can do, and that too, all by yourself.

Although this job is really hard and back-breaking but with the right kind of tools, instructions, and guidance, you can successfully drill through your porcelain tile and make your tile dreams come true!

If you want to drill through a tile and that too without breaking or cracking it, you need to make sure you follow a few tips and tricks successfully and very seriously.

These tips and tricks will change your life and can make a huge difference too. This is why I’m going to help you with a very detailed guide on how to drill through porcelain tile without cracking.

So let’s get going already!

Tools You Need

Before you dive right into the main course, let’s learn a little about the tools that you will need for drilling. Your drilling project will become extremely easy if you plan them before you dive into them.

Buying the right kind of tools and that too beforehand will give you a big upper hand against your drilling project.

Since porcelain is a popular tile and drilling is also a popular sport, this is why you can find everything that you need very easily without any effort or struggle.

So here’s the list of things that you will need for your drilling project. Now, let’s get into it.

Cooling Lubricant

It doesn’t matter what drill you use while drilling through your tiles; your drill will eventually heat up.

This is why you should always carry a cooling lubricant along with yourself; it will help you in between your projects.

So make sure you buy a bottle of oil or a spray water bottle so that you can use it on your drill every now and then.

Variable Speed Settings on Drill

A lot of people do not find this tool necessary and skip it only to regret it later on. Having a drill with a variable speed setting can allow you to adjust your speed settings as per your desire.

In this way, you can drill at a low or at high speed depending on the situation of your work which works to your benefit greatly.

A Drill Bit

Choosing or picking up a drill bit for yourself is super challenging and tricky, too; since all the drill bits are not as good as they look and do not work as well as they seem, you have to be really careful while buying one.

Drill bits are a super helpful tool in your drilling project. Although there are many substances that are hard and make good drill bits, the best ones are carbide and diamond-tipped drill bits.

So make sure you get your hands on those.

How to Drill through Porcelain Tile without Cracking it

Drilling a porcelain tile Is not as hard as it seems. Suppose you learn it in the right way. You can easily do it by yourself and set up your favorite tiles all-around your house as wall decors and so much more.

A lot of people don’t really bother going through the fuss of learning how to frill through a porcelain tile, but the few who do only make their life a lot easier for themselves and their living space too.

This is why I will be giving you a fully detailed step-by-step guide on how you can rill through your porcelain tile without cracking it in two. So make sure you read this one till the end!

Step by Step Guide

Mark your Porcelain

The first thing you have to do before you get in with all the practical work is to mark your porcelain tiles.

Start with applying masking tape to your tile; masking tape will help you in keeping the drill bit from slipping on the glazed surface of your porcelain tile and give you an accurate drilling experience.

After you have taped your tile, mark your tile with a permanent marker or a sharpie in the color opposite to your porcelain tile so that you can see clearly.

Once you are done with marking your tile, you can then proceed to drill your tile.

Start Slow & Steadily

We all have heard the saying that “slow and steady wins the race,” right?

This saying is what you should keep in mind while you are drilling through your porcelain tile, so you don’t end up accidentally breaking or cracking it.

If you have a drill that comes with a variable speed adjustment setting, then make sure you lower the setting as much as you can.

While you are working your way steadily through the porcelain tile, make sure you are also not putting too much pressure on your tile, as speed and pressure are the two major things that end up breaking your tile in two.

Cool your Drill Bit Down

Once you are gone all-in drilling the tile, don’t forget to stop after every few minutes or so to give your drill a break.

Porcelain tiles are super hard and strong, like I said before; to drill through a porcelain tile, you need a lot of time, dedication, and patience.

This is why when you are drilling into your porcelain tile; you have to stop after almost every minute and give your drill bit a break.

If you feel like your drill bit is getting a little too hot or is getting overheated really quickly, make sure you grab your cooling lubricant and apply it all over your drill bit.

If you have water spray, first make sure it’s cold and then proceed to spray it all over your drill bit, this will help your drill bit to cool down more quickly!

(Note: don’t forget to wipe your drill bit clean and dry before you start drilling again)

Porcelain Tile Drilling Tips

Someone who is good at drilling can easily point out the mistakes that you are making while drilling. I have created a list of things that you shouldn’t do while you are drilling through your porcelain tiles.

  • Stop if you feel any friction while you are drilling in your tile; if you don’t stop, you might end up cracking your tile or damaging your drill.
  • Do not just go straight into your tile with drilling; make a plan, mark the points where you want to drill into.
  • Make sure you are not drilling near the extreme edge of your tile, as drilling into the extreme edge can increase the chances of your tile cracking or breaking off from the edge.
  • Don’t even think of using a normal hammer drill bit to work on your porcelain tile, as normal drill bits are not durable at all and will only cause you trouble and disruptions in your work.
  • Always start the drilling work slowly and steadily and then level up gradually, but make sure you don’t go too fast as you might break your tile.

Why is Drilling through Porcelain Tile so Hard?

The materials from which tiles are made up make them hard to work with and drill through; now, porcelain tiles are slightly different from other tiles that you come across since they are made of high silica content, they are also baked in a high heat which makes them extremely hard.

This is why they are super hard to drill.

Another reason why porcelain tiles are so hard to drill is because of the glazing they go through; this glazing makes the surface of the tiles super slippery and shiny, which is why the drill keeps slipping while you try to drill.

But all said and done, if you succeed in drilling through your porcelain tile, you should congratulate yourself as you now have a very strong, sturdy, and durable tile installed in your home space!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best drill bit for porcelain tile?

A diamond tip drilled bit is the best to use with porcelain tile.

How long does it take to drill through a porcelain tile?

It will easily take at-least take 2-3 minutes to drill through each hole.

Should you wet a tile before drilling?

Yes, you can wet your tile before drilling, but only if you’re using cold water to wet it.

Do you need a hammer drill for porcelain tile?

No, you don’t need a hammer drill to drill through porcelain tile; a hammer drill will actually damage your porcelain tile a lot.


Now that we have reached the end of the article, I think it is now safe to say that you have learned all the tips, tricks, and all methods on how you can drill through porcelain tile without cracking it.

If you still have any questions or if you are still confused about anything, make sure you go back and give this article another read! Good luck!

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