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Your sense of preparation is definitely admirable, that’s why you are here, reading this article.

You probably want the best sander for deck refinishing. And it was a good idea to read a few reviews first before proceeding to buy one.

So here, we have compiled a guide for you that will be very useful in your purchasing process.

Buyer’s Guide

For the sake of looking at every product from your own perspective, and not relying on the perspectives of random internet strangers, you ought to know the basic features that every deck sander has.

Once you do that, you will be able to buy a product that is exactly what you want.

Sanding space size

Almost all decks are equivalent in size. However, they do differ in shape. Some of these decks have weird shapes and corners, so you will need detailed work.

Make sure that your sander offers versatility, and you are able to reach every spot with it.

But if your space is monotonous, then you better focus on the power and speed that it has to offer, rather than wasting energy and money looking for features that you don’t require.

Belt VS Orbital

There are two kinds of sanders, the belt ones, and the orbital ones.

The orbital sanders offer precision and control, but lack power and sanding apace. So for the decks with odd shapes and corners, they are recommended.

The belt sanders, however, are designed for heavy-duty work. So if you have a lot of space, you must go for the belt sanders.


If you do not require a lot of features, as in, if your deck isn’t complicated, then you should better go for a simple model and not spend a lot of money on it.

Top 8 Best Sander For Deck Refinishing

The following are the best products that are available in the market today. Along with their reviews, their pros and cons have also been mentioned.

With them, you will be able to compare different products for yourself.

1. Metabo HPT belt sander

As we have already mentioned, belt sanders generally offer much power and speed. With them, you don’t have to spend your time sanding one spot over and over again. The same is the case with Metabo.

A powerful motor accompanies the solid build. It can remove even the toughest of all stains. The speeds are adjustable for the sake of improved manageability during your project.

To make sure that your hands don’t get absolutely worn out during the process of sanding, the grip has a soft elastomer and auxiliary handles for a decent grip.

There is a dust collection bag, too, to keep the work area clean.

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  • Powerful motor
  • Removes tough stains.
  • Variable speeds
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Dust collection bag


  • Bag doesn’t collect all dust
  • Uneven contact with the surface at some parts

2. Makita 9403 Belt Sander

Usually, belt sanders will get to your head with the amount of sound that they produce. But not this one. It will only give you 84 decibels of sound.

The belt it has is four-inch-wide and has a speed of 1640 feet per minute. The construction is so that the contamination doesn’t get inside and ruin the inner mechanism.

The grip is large and placed particularly at the front so that the operator is comfortable while using it. The product is heavy and ensures full contact with the surface.

If the contact isn’t enough, the surface will be unevenly sanded.

The cord is located on the upper portion so that it doesn’t get in your way while sanding. The dust bag will move 360 degrees for a very effective collection of dust.

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  • Quiet operation
  • Wide belt
  • High speed
  • No contamination inlet
  • Even contact with the surface


  • No variable speed control
  • Vacuum system clogs

3. Dewalt DWE6423K Random Orbit Sander

The orbit sanders come in handy when you have to get into tricky little corners and sand them effectively. Not all decks are built flatly and easy to sand sorta way. The pad at the bottom will spin at 8000-12000 opm.

Since the height is very short between the sander and the bottom, the distance between the person operating the sander and the workpiece is minimized.

This way, you won’t have to put a lot of effort into sanding. The switch is dust-sealed so that your switch stays dust-free for a long time. Design is supposed to reduce vibration and, thus, fatigue.

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  • Protected switch
  • Short height
  • Reduced vibration
  • Dust bag included


  • Lightweight
  • Not very powerful

4. Skilsaw 7510-01 Belt Sander

When you are using a sander, you will be applying some pressure onto the thing for effective sanding. If too much pressure is applied, it damages the surface and also causes some damage to the machinery that you are working with.

That is why the Skilsaw sanders have pressure control technology. You will be able to manage the amount of pressure that you are putting on the machine. The user is warned if more than the desired pressure is applied to it.

The auto-track system will help keep the belt on track, so that you neither and the same place twice, nor miss out on spaces. The microfiltration captures the dust easily.

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  • Pressure detector
  • Auto track system
  • Powerful motor
  • Microfiltration


  • Dust catcher breaks
  • Cant handle heavy projects

5. Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander

As the name says, the sander is small enough to be able to fit in your palm. Well, not too small, of course, but quite if you compare it with the others.

With so many heavy-duty ones available in the market, trying to compete with each other for the most power and best speed, it is hard to find one that you can use for smaller projects. This one will do the job.

The pad dampening system ensures that there are no swirl marks that remain on the deck. The discs are easy to remove, attach, and use, so you will not have a hard time replacing the pads for use.

The speed control can be varied depending upon the intensity of the project. A microfilter system is included for the sake of effective dust collection.

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  • Small projects
  • Hook and loop attachment
  • Variable speed
  • Microfilter


  • The pad is slightly cupped
  • Isn’t very powerful

6. Craftsman 7A 3X21 Belt Sander

The craftsman belt sander features a variable speed design so that you can customize your machinery in accordance with the intensity of your projects.

This belt sander is ideal for removing whatever material you wish to remove from your deck and then preparing the floor for refinishing.

The shield grip makes sure that your wrists don’t tire during the process. Moreover, there are led lights on the edge, so you will be able to work in the dark without a hassle.

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  • Variable speed
  • Led lights on the edge
  • Removes effectively
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Cheap construction

7. Porter Cable belt sander

The cloth dust bags are not designed to effectively remove all the dust that flies during the sanding process; some of them are bound to be left out.

But the dust bag, in this case, swivels 360 degrees so that it collects all the dust possible. The speed can be varied.

There are additional features like a quick-release belt changer, fingertip belt tracking knob, that set it apart from the others.

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  • Variable speed
  • Quick-release belt changer
  • Fingerprint belt tracking knob
  • Swivel dust bag


  • Lightweight
  • Vibrates much at higher speeds

8. Tacklife Belt Sander

Lastly, on this list, we have a tack life sanding belt. It stands out because of the high-quality finish that it has to offer. There is a lock-on button, on the machinery, due to which you can free your hands.

You will not have to keep attending to the machinery, which makes the use convenient. There are many speeds available.

The dust collection box can be attached and detached easily, and that’s why it can be cleaned without a hassle. For changing belts, metal clamping is used.

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  • Offers a high-quality finish
  • Many speeds
  • Lock-on feature
  • Detachable dust collection box


  • Made of plastic
  • Dust trap comes off

Frequently asked questions

Should I sand my deck before staining?

Sanding the deck has many advantages. If you do that, first of all, the layer of stains and sealant will wear off.

The deck is also robbed of the damaged wood on top and the splinters that could have been a hindrance.

After the sanding process, the deck will be very dry, and the dust will be all over it, so you will have to wash everything off after sanding.

How can I sand my deck fast?

If you want to sand your deck real quickly, you will have to use an orbital deck sander.

If your decking boards are constructed out of hardwood, then you will need twenty grit sandpaper.

On the other hand, if your deck is made of softwood, then you will need a fifty grit sandpaper max since they do not need a very harsh treatment.

What grit sandpaper should I use to sand a deck?

If you are sanding a deck, you will have to use the appropriate grit sanding paper.

If you use something that is too soft, it will take forever. And if you use something that is too harsh, the deck wood will be damaged.

So, it is best that you use 60-150 grit sandpaper. Make sure that the deck has been cleaned and dried before sanding.

Can you use an orbital sander on a deck?

An orbital sander is a specialized tool that is used to sand in a somewhat elliptical manner.

This is the most efficient kind of sander out there, and you can use that if you want to sand your deck effectively.

They are easy to use and very good for this task.

Do I need to wash the deck after sanding?

It is good if you use sanders that are capable of collecting the dust, so you will be able to save your time during the cleaning process.

You have to remove all the dust after sanding as it accumulates.

Can I use a belt sander on a deck?

When you are sanding the exterior of the deck, you should not be sanding it down to the smoothest finish possible.

The belt sanders are made so that they are able to sand off rough surfaces of the planks of wood quite fast.

It is best to work in small sections when you are working with a belt sander. While operating, maintain a good grip on the sander.

Is it better to sand or strip wood deck?

Strippers are used in conditions where you are to finish the wood or make use of darker stains after you are done with sanding.

Sanding, however, is a better option when there is less penetration involved, and the deck is more or less flat. However, the sanding process needs much labor if consistent results are needed.

Should I wash the deck after sanding?

It will be of much help if your sanders are collecting excessive dust, dirt, or debris.

You will have to thoroughly clean the deck once you are done with sanding if you are to remove the dust on the surface.

Also, the pores are closed due to the dust being stuck in them, so for the sake of opening them, you will need a clean-up right after sanding.

How much does it cost to sand a deck?

It costs almost about $2.20-$3.82 to clean per square foot of the deck.

A standard deck is almost about two hundred square feet, so the entire project is going to cost about $775-$1600. The labor costs an additional $350-$650.

How long does it take to sand a deck?

If you are using an electric sander, then you will typically take two to three hours to be done with the entire 200 square feet deck.

Then if you use a 120 grit and do all the spots again, you will be ready to clean up.


Here was everything that you needed to know before you go out in the market and make a purchase. We hope your refinishing process with your new sander goes absolutely great.

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