7 Best Sander for Car Paint Removal 2023 | Easy To Use

Looking for a paint remover sander can be back-breaking and super stressful.

However, there are more than one kinds of sanders that you would feel like you have to buy in order to remove the paint from your car properly, but it’s not true.

To get the job done completely, you really only need one decent-looking and fine working sander, which is why I’m here.

To help you get started on the hunt for the best sanders for car paint removal with their pros and cons on the line.

I will be taking you through a buyer’s guide that will help you determine what features in a sander for removing paint are more or less important for you.

It will also make you aware of the features of a sander, which will then help you maximize the utility of your sander.

Top 7 Sanders for Car Paint Removal

Alongside this, I’m going to answer some of the frequently asked questions about sanders and how they work so you can get a proper insight into the tool that you are about to buy without feeling like you are wasting your money.

So let’s start!

1. Makita 9903 Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag

This powerful sander from Makita has variable speed dial control that enables you to match the power and the speed to your own speeds.

It has an auto-tracking belt system that keeps track of the belt without any adjustments and a front grip design for comfortable operations and workings.

Also, this sander has a plus one sander shoe, which enables you to do precise sanding work. And with an inbuilt dust bag for a cleaner work environment, it is a perfect go-to for the sander.

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  • Powerful motor
  • Variable speed control
  • The auto track belt system
  • Front grip design for comfortable operation
  • Sanding shoe for precise sanding


  • Not durable
  • He fails to sand sometimes

2. Hitachi SB8V2 9.0 SANDER

If you are not a newbie in the field of machine tools, I’m sure you have already heard of the name HITACHI, previously known as METABO HPT.

Delivering the same high-end quality products just with a different name.

Constructed with variable speed dial adjustments and soft elastomer grip surface for comfortable and secure gripping on your hand.

It also comes with a tracking window that improves the visibility of the sanding surface and sanding belt during use.

A dust bag on the left helps keep the environment dust-free and super clean.

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  • Variable speed dial adjustments
  • Soft, comfortable/ secure grip
  • Mounted dust bag attached


  • Not durable
  • Does not sand enough

3. Wagner Spraytech 0513040 Paint Eater

Made with high-end metal and plastic, coming in a sleek design in yellow color, this Wagner paint sander is an exception with its Velcro strap for secure and comfortable hand positioning and ladder work.

It comes with an inbuilt arbor lock for tool-less disk replacement and an innovative contour that conforms FLEX-DISC System.

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  • The secure and comfortable hand positioning system
  • Arbor lock for tool-less disk replacement
  • Flex disc system


  • Not powerful enough
  • Not durable

4. Bosch 1250DEVS Electrical Orbital Sander

First time in a long time, Bosch Power tools has introduced a dual-mode system that allows you to get full control over your sanding modes.

Also, its speed variable adjustments and easy-to-setup system make it so easy to use and store.

Another feature that I was impressed with was its ability to collect dust in the dust bag in order to keep the outside environment clean and safe.

The bosch electrical sander comes with a package of dust tubes, sanding discs, auxiliary handle, pad wrench. Also, it will not only help you sand your car, but you can also sand your floors and furniture with it.

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  • Dual-mode system
  • Variable speed adjustments
  • Dust collection system
  • It comes with a sander package
  • Versatile


  • Sometimes makes noise
  • Not really useful on all surfaces

5. Makita Sander Disc 7

Another great hit from the same high-quality brand, the Makita store.

Its electric speed control maintains speed under every kind of load and weight, while its motor over pad design makes it better to balance and control.

Coming with power tools and another bunch of accessories, this is a lightweight scanner with a soft speed-catching system that lets you hit the highest speed limit gradually.

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  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Variable speed adjustments
  • Speed control system


  • Not durable
  • Does not do precise sanding

6. Dynabrade 56815 Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sander

New in town but has more than you expect it to offer, coming with a powerful motor to supply enough power to do your work.

This sander does its works with five blades that produce more power for you to use. It also has better lubrication qualities.

And has a composite base that creates a nonslip platform to avoid any mishaps and slips.

Triple seated in the front and is guarded by rubber for easy to use yet durable and easy replacements.

It also has a comfortable platform to provide additional support to your wrist.

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  • Optional vacuum conversion kit
  • High power with better lubrication
  • Triple seated and guarded front row for safety
  • Additional wrist comforter


  • Not durable
  • Rubber falls off a lot

7. Festool 575026 Random Orbit Sander

Last but not least, we have this orbit sander to review from the Festool store.

Built with a sanding stroke of 3mm, it is excellent to use for surface finish work; also, with its sanding pad brake for safe yet effortless sanding, it is a good purchase without having to make a dent in your pocket.

Weighing only 3.9lbs with a dual bearing, this sander is most likely to serve you for a long time.

Let’s not forget about its steeples speed preselection, which allows you to have a consistent speed throughout your work.

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  • Excellent for finishing surface
  • Safe and gives effortless results
  • Dual bearing
  • Lightweight
  • Gives constant speed


  • Has no hand support system
  • Not durable
  • Blades wear off

Buyer’s Guide

The main and focal goal of a buyer’s guide is to help you understand the tool that you are about to buy so that you can maximize its utilization once it’s bought.

Other than that, the buyer’s guide is can also help you find out which of the features in a sander is more or less important to you and on what part you can compromise.


Comfort is one of the most dominant features of a tool. And since sanders are handheld tools, you would want to get the one that has a comfortable grip and hold so that there may be no mishaps.

If you go on and buy a sander that’s too heavy or has a slippery grip, it will tire you out in just a few rounds.

Either because of how heavy it is or because of how slippery it is.

So, always keep your comfort in mind while buying a sander as it is an expensive tool that is going to be around you for a long time after you buy it.


The second most important feature in a tool like a sander is the construction; not only it makes the tool more expensive but also more durable.

Since as I said before, sanders are expensive tools, and you would not want to buy them every now and then.

It would be best if you would buy a decent one in the first place, rather than buying a cheap one and then getting it replaced.

Cheap construction in a tool will only slow down your work pace, or your tool might even stop working at all. This is why we always observe the material from which your tool is made up before buying.


Power to a tool is said to be its food, and you have to make sure that the sander you are buying has a good intake capacity.

Your sander will turn out to be of no use if it does not supply enough power, which is why you should always give it a check-run on the store If you are buying it in person or look for reviews if you are buying it online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to remove all the old paint before repainting the car?

If you want to do the best quality re-paint, then yes, you would have to remove all the old paint.

What type of sander is best for removing car paint?

It all depends on your choice of features since almost every sander has its own qualities.

How do you get sand off car paint?

Start sanding off from large surfaces, like a hood, move your sander in a circular motion to remove the paint properly.

How do you protect your face from sanding paint?

Protect your face and all the other exposed skin before sanding or handling the chemicals by wearing long boots, long sleeve shirts, and thick work gloves.

What is the best way to remove old paint?

The best way to remove old paint is to sand it off with the help of a sander.

Can you sand off a two-layered paint with a sander?

Yes, you can remove two-layered paint with the help of a strong sander.


Now that we have reached the end of the article, I’m sure you now know all about the best sanders for car paint removal.

If you still have any questions or if you are still confused by anything, I would suggest you do read the buyer’s guide and the reviews once again. Good luck!

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