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Looking for glue that best works for stone is hard to find, especially when you have no experience in adhesive shopping.

Best Glue for StoneConsidering all the good and bad adhesives look alike, it’s really hard to choose based on just looks; this is why most people end up making the wrong choice which eventually makes them believe like using adhesive is a bad choice.

Not anymore! I will be taking you through a very thorough guide, where I will be reviewing the best glue for stone from all around the world.

Top 6 Glue for Stone Reviews

I will also give you guys a brief buyer’s guide along with a small FAQ section! So let’s start!

1. Gorilla 4572502 Clear Glue

The Gorilla Company is one of the leading companies in the glue industry and has a huge fan base globally. It’s no secret that they make the best adhesives with the strongest bonds ever known.

This glue by the Gorilla Company comes in a crystal clear liquid with an incredibly strong bonding formula.

Water-resistant and nonfoaming, this glue is also super easy to use and bonds virtually almost everything from wood to stone to metal, ceramic, etc.

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  • Incredibly strong
  • Easy to use
  • Crystal clear
  • Highly versatile


  • Ineffective (sometimes)
  • Does not bond rubber to plastic

2. Elmer’s E7502 Advanced Pro-Bond Glue

Here we have another one of the most known companies to review. This glue from the Elmer’s is a professional strength, all-purpose and multi-surface glue.

It bonds almost every surface like metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, etc. which says a lot about its quality and versatility.

Coming with a 100% weatherproof formula that is non-toxic and creates no foam, and lets you do your work neatly without making any mess.

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  • Versatile
  • Weatherproof
  • Multi-purpose
  • Nontoxic


  • Not very effective
  • Does not have a strong bondage

3. HIMG Surface Repair Adhesive

Suppose you are looking for a nontoxic, odorless adhesive that will make your work not even neat but also super easy and clean.

This adhesive fix will not become yellow over time but will keep its color. Formulated to be thick, so you don’t have to face any runs or unnecessary drips when you are working.

This extra-strong bond adhesive works on multiple surfaces and is highly versatile!

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  • Versatile
  • Super easy to apply and clean
  • Thick
  • Won’t yellow over time


  • Not a good option for strong bonding
  • Pricey and not worth it

4. Akfix AS1322 710 Adhesive

Developed especially for strong bonds and fixes, this adhesive by the Akfix Company comes with a high bonding power that makes your work super quick and serene.

Along with being super versatile and compatible with all the surfaces like stone, marble, granite, etc.,

The activator that this adhesive comes with makes your bonding incredibly fast, not to mention you can now also apply this adhesive on vertical surfaces because of its thick formula.

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  • Strong bonding
  • High bonding power
  • Incredibly fast
  • It can be applied vertically


  • Pricey
  • Not very effective

5. MITREAPEL Stone-Bond Super Instant Glue

This glue is one of the leading ones in the glue industries all around the globe.

It has a lot of special features like long-lasting bonding, rapid curing, and simple application. This glue comes in a set of two, an adhesive along with its activator.

Highly versatile can be used in bonding brick, ceramic, metal, stone, wood, etc.

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  • Rapid curing
  • Simple application
  • Highly versatile
  • Long-lasting


  • Not very strong bondage
  • It does not work on some surfaces

6. CECCORP C-Poxy Epoxy Adhesive

CECCORP also falls in the list of the most renowned adhesive Companies, and each of their products carries its legacy in its way.

Coming in two parts, this adhesive is marked with “A” & “B,” to use this adhesive, mix both of the a & b together and then proceed.

It can be easily applied and used on almost every kind of surface and material like metal, wood, ceramic, stone.

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  • Perfect for fillings and repairs
  • Versatile
  • It comes in a pack of 2
  • Works better than most of the adhesives


  • Not easy to apply
  • Has a weak bondage
  • It does not dry out quickly

Buyer’s Guide

The main goal of a buyer’s guide is to help you understand your product better to get better utilization out of it.

Down here, I will be stating a few important buying factors that you should keep in mind before taking home new products.


Comfort is the first factor that makes your product worth buying. If you are not comfortable with your product, you can’t get maximum utilization out of it.

So when you are out there buying an adhesive for your stonework, always make sure the adhesive you are buying is non-toxic, has no harmful chemicals, and is almost odorless.

So that when you are working inside the house or your office, you don’t damage your health!


Another important factor in a product like glue is its versatility. Now, I know our goal today is to help you find glue that best works for stone.

But I would highly suggest you choose a glue that is more versatile and works with not only stone but other materials as well.

So, once you are done with your stonework, your glue won’t sit there idly, but you will have more ways to utilize it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best glue for stone?

Gorilla glue is known to be one of the best glue for stone.

Does super glue work on stone?

Yes, it does!

What is an adhesive made of?

They are made up of polyvinyl acetate, PVA, water, ethanol, acetone & other substances.

Are adhesives easy to store?

Yes, they are easy to store.

Is it safe to order adhesives online?

As long as they are from a decent company, it is safe to order them!

Can I use the same glue I used to bond metal for bonding stone?

If the glue you are using is versatile, then yes, you can!


In this article above, we have briefly reviewed some of the best adhesives for the stone that you can find worldwide.

I have also given you a short buyer’s guide and a small FAQ section to help you choose your favorite adhesives.

If you still have any questions or are still confused about anything, make sure you go back up and give this article another read!

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