8 Best Glue for Rubber to Plastic Reviews 2023 | Ultra-Strong

We often come across projects where we need adhesives for rubber to plastic. Also, this is not a simple case where low strength will do the job.

Best Glue for Rubber to PlasticRather, good strength is important for either your new projects or repair jobs. So, you cannot compromise on the quality of the glue, right?

Keeping that in view, I will take you over to the best glue for rubber to plastic that you can find this year.

I will try to lay it out bare to help you choose better. So, read through for detailed reviews and a buyer’s guide regarding this product.

Top 8 Glue for Rubber to Plastic

We understand that it is not easy to find the best product out of hundreds of available options.

To facilitate you and make life easier, I have put on my list the sifted ones. So, let’s get into it now!

1. 3M Scotch-Weld Plastic and Rubber Adhesive

Let’s turn it on with my first choice by a renowned brand, 3M. Firstly, it develops a robust, durable, and long-lasting bond.

Secondly, it can be applied over several substrates, and the most common out of them are rubber and plastic.

Thirdly, when you have to go for a precise application, this is the right choice because it is a pinch container to make sure about that.

Moreover, the low viscosity of this product makes it readily applicable, and, to top it off, the fast curing process makes the whole process efficient.

Among the recommended applications there are gasket attachment, small joint assembling, jewelry, orthopedics, and footwear.

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  • Precise application
  • Multiple applications
  • Fast curing


  • Works like ordinary super glue

2. Sugru Moldable Glue – Original Formula

On the second spot, we have something versatile. Yeah! You can use it for repair jobs, mounting, home improvement, sealing, reinforcing, and much more literally.

Talking about the features in-depth, it is waterproof, extreme temperatures resistant, and durable. Many types of glue for this purpose are runny and runny glues can create a mess.

But the non-runny formula of this product prevents mess effectively. Talking about the materials on which you can apply, there is a long list to enhance the scope of this product.

So, to hold a good load/pressure, this is the right product. If you are looking for these features, then go for this product.

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  • Multiple applications
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Non-runny formula to avoid a mess
  • Strong effect


  • Hard to use again once opened

3. ZeliFIX Leathercraft Contact Cement

Sometimes you need something in excessive quantity; keeping that in mind, ZelFIX brings you this 32 oz bottle of super-strong contact cement.

The good news is that you can use it for all purposes using a brush. So, if you are working with rubber, then it is for you.

To top it off, its quick holding mechanism with a durable after effect makes a robust bond. If you are using it on leather, then its flexible formula will prevent brittleness as well.

The process of applying is really easy as well as the product is waterproof. So, what else could you ask for?

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  • Ample quantity
  • Creates a robust bond
  • Quick holding


  • Nothing in particular

4. Gorilla Minis Original Glue

Next up, we have the renowned brand; Gorilla! For this specific purpose, Gorilla offers you a cost-effective solution.

The formula is incredible to create a strong bond, and the versatility of the product is also amazing to make it a multi-purpose glue.

So, if you have to perform tough repairs or the surfaces to join are irregular, then this is the perfect solution for that. The durable formula of this glue allows you to use it both indoors and outdoors.

There are several materials on which it can be applied. Lastly, if you are curious about the action that makes it super strong, it expands three times into the material to ensure that. Have a look at its pros and cons!

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  • Ultra-strong bond
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Versatile product


  • It can be a bit difficult to use

5. Professional Grade Cyanoacrylate by Glue Masters

Moving forward, we have this undisputed product by Glue Masters that makes sure about premium industrial strength.

My favorite part about it is its fast-cure mechanism with extended shelf life. That means you can use it over and over again. Moreover, the great setting time makes it a quick fixing glue.

If you are a hobbyist who likes to try various ideas to create new projects, it is a great partner indeed. Talking about the versatility, you can use it for a wide range of applications.

Just keep in mind that it is not for fabrics and clothing. So overall, it is a great considerable option if you like the features.

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  • Good viscosity
  • Great to handle
  • Provides good strength


  • Nothing in particular

6. E6000 Craft Adhesive

Next up, we have E6000 that brings a lot of interesting features to the table. First off, it is a high-performance professional adhesive to ensure elevated strength and great experience.

The flexible hold that it ensures is great to avoid brittleness. Moreover, as it is waterproof, you can use it for outdoor purposes as well.

To top it off, it is a non-flammable adhesive that makes it stand out, and also, it will never damage photographs. So, if you want industrial strength in the case of several products, then it is a great choice.

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  • Flexible hold
  • Waterproof
  • Provides industrial strength


  • None

7. 3M Hi-Strength 90 Spray Adhesive

Here you have another product by 3M. But this time, it is a spray adhesive to enhance efficiency.

Because sometimes, you do not want to go into the manual procedure of applying the glue. So, a spray adhesive is a great option there.

It provides high strength and fast tacking in the case of several materials. Although it’s a spray, it will create a permanent bond for you, so do not worry about that.

It goes with rubber and plastic along with other applications and effectively resists high temperatures and moisture.

Lastly, the adjustable nozzle solves the problem of different widths of splashes.

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  • Easy to use
  • Creates permanent bond
  • Moisture and temperature resistant


  • Consistency can be improved

8. Instant Glue by CECCORP

Last but not least, this fast curing glue by CECCORP is incredible to use against rubber and plastic. Offering a wide range of applications, you can also bind 3D-printed objects using it.

With that, you can also do multiple repairing jobs using it. To top it off, the thick formula of this product is very efficient to use.

If you are looking for a product with these features, then you should give it a shot because it doesn’t matter if it is in the last spot; all of my products stand out in their kind.

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  • Multiple uses
  • Thick formula
  • Easy to use


  • Half-full bottle

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have gone through the reviews, there is another important stage before jumping into the purchasing phase, and it is the buyer’s guide.

I will mention here some important aspects to remember. So, if you are a beginner, pay special attention here!

Intended Purpose

First of all, look for what a product offers and is it according to what you need? This stage is mostly related to material compatibility.

Like if we are looking for glue for rubber to plastic, then we should make sure if the product offers that compatibility.

Adhesive Type

Next up, you have to make sure about the formula, which is mostly cyanoacrylate in our case. Moreover, it is up to you to decide whether you need a fluid-type glue or a spray adhesive.


Next, ergonomics is important and, in this aspect, you have to make sure whether the product is effective or not. Also, is it easy to use or not?

Setting Time

Setting time is crucial for any glue. Sometimes you need this time to be higher for adjusting purposes. Also, some jobs demand quick-setting products.

Weather Resistant

To make sure durability and higher scope, the glue should be weather-resistant to ensure a long-lasting bond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Gorilla Glue bond rubber to plastic?

Well, of course, Gorilla Glue is great for this purpose as well, and I also have mentioned one of its relevant products on my list.

Can you super glue rubber to plastic?

Yes, you can; it is generally cyanoacrylate super glue that goes with it.

What glue will stick to rubber?

Well, 3M and Gorilla are among those names who provide you glue that stick to rubber. Mostly, the formula is cyanoacrylate.

Does rubber cement work on plastic?

Yes, rubber cement can be used, and it does the job very well.

Does Super Glue melt rubber?

Superglue works on rubber. So, it does not melt it owing to that.


I have tried to equip you with the necessary information that you should know before purchasing. I will take the rest up to you.

Take my advice and never settle for less because you will regret a weaker bond. So, remember the aspects and find the best product for yourself.

Have a wonderful day!

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