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In order to be successful in household projects or any project in general, you need high-quality glue.

Glue decides if a project is going to be a success or fail.

So we need to know which glue is best because we don’t want to waste our hard work, right?

Glue makes or breaks a project. If you’re someone who is new to glues and adhesives, I think this article may be the best thing you read as it will guide you in selecting the best glue for marble according to your desires.

I will be reviewing some of the best glues of all time, along with their pros and cons. I will also be sharing a brief buyer’s guide and FAQs to answer all of your queries.

Top 5 Glue for Marble Reviews

Here, I have handpicked some of the best glues that are available on the market. I will highly suggest you read this article till the end to find out your favorite.

1. Gorilla Max Strength Clear Adhesive

If you have been buying glues for a long time, you must have come across Gorilla. This glue Gorilla, Is one of the strongest glue that I know of.

What I love about this glue is that it dries crystal clear. You can use this glue underwater because it is 100% waterproof.

This glue is also weatherproof; hence you can use it in extreme weather conditions. This glue has many qualities, i.e., durable, repositionable, gap filling, paintable, easy to dispense, and more.

Moreover, this glue has a low odor, so it’s perfect for everyone.

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  • Dries crystal clear
  • Low odor
  • Heavy-duty
  • Waterproof and weatherproof


  • Cheap tube container
  • Not best for outdoor use

2. HMG Surface Repair Adhesive

This adhesive by HMG Surface Repair is unique as it is completely odorless.

This non-toxic adhesive is an alternative to epoxy, and the best part is that it will not turn yellow over time. That’s why it is best for anyone who is conscious about how the glue will dry down.

This adhesive cures its bond within minutes. This adhesive works best on granite, quartz, cultured marble, or any solid surface material.

Let’s discuss what I like and dislike about this product.

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  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic
  • Alternative to epoxy


  • Not a strong bond
  • The adhesive may harden quickly

3. Loctite PL 530 Glue For Marble

This glue has a light tan color. It’s compatible with marble. This glue makes extremely strong bonds with the desired material.

This glue works best for both indoors and outdoors as it is weatherproof. It also remains flexible in extreme weather conditions hence;, it is also temperature-resistant.

Moreover, this glue comes with a handy applicator tip that will help you to use the glue precisely. It forms a strong and permanent bond once dried completely.

Overall, I think this glue is a great investment. Let’s discuss its pros and cons.

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  • Easy to use
  • Strong bond
  • Good for filling holes


  • It does not work well on mirror
  • It takes a long time to completely dry

4. MITREAPEL Stonebond Instant Glue

This glue is compatible with marble, porcelain, ceramic, glass, stone, brick, and many other hard materials. This glue comes with an activator in order to form the strongest bond ever!

This two-part superglue forms a long-lasting bond. The consistency of this glue is thick, which makes it best for both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

This versatile glue is usable on almost all stone surfaces. When you use the activator on the glue, it forms a bond within 5-12 seconds. With this glue, you can do your work very quickly.

Just apply the glue, spray the activator and wait for 5-12 seconds and then stick it.

That’s it! It is highly recommended to use Stonebond’s activator with Stonebond’s glue and does not use any other company’s activator because it is possible that the chemical formulas do not match.

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  • Comes with activator
  • Quick process
  • Simple application
  • Thick formula
  • Water-resistant


  • Expensive
  • Tricky to use

5. DynaGrip 7079827522 Marble Glue

First of all, can we talk about its applicator? This applicator makes 50% of your work easy. You get 10 ounces of product in this adhesive.

This glue is compatible with most of the hard-surfaced materials. Moreover, this is VOC compliant, so that’s great.

This glue form 5X stronger bond and faster bond than normal glues. Dynagrip’s glues are known for their strong bonds.

Moreover, the buyers of this glue swear by it. All in all, I think this product might worth a try.

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  • Strong bond
  • Easy to use applicator
  • Perfect consistency
  • Odorless


  • Glue may harden

Buyer’s Guide

Strong Bond

The first thing that you need to look for in glue is the strength of its bonds.

If the glue forms strong and unbreakable bonds, then it is perfect. Otherwise, why would anyone want a weak glue that breaks the bond within a short period of time?


Glues should be versatile because we don’t buy them to use them once.

If anything breaks, the old glue that you bought should be eligible to stick the desired materials too.

It would help if you got good and versatile glue once so that you don’t need different glues for different purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you glue marble?

Yes, you definitely can!

Does Gorilla Glue work on marble?

Yes, it is one of the strongest adhesives.

How do you fix broken marble?

You can fix it with the help of any of the above-mentioned glues.

Does Italian marble crack?

Yes, they do.

How do you attach marble to wood?

You can attach them with a good silicone adhesive.


I have tried my best to review the best glues in the market. I would advise you to choose wisely.

Make sure to read the buyer’s guide, and for any questions, you can check the FAQs part.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Good luck!!

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