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There are many versions that sanders come in. Amongst all these types, there are edge sanders as well, which are used for specific purposes, for doing the jobs that other sanders cannot.

For this purpose, they are quite essential to have and make your job of sanding much easier.

However, when you go out to buy an edge sander, the fact that there are a lot of choices available makes it hard to pick the best one from them.

So, here in this article, we will discuss our top 10 picks which will make it easier for you to pick the best edge sander.

Buyer’s Guide

Before buying an edge sander, there is minimal knowledge that you must have in order to compare the models available in the market effectively.

Make sure you keep these factors in your mind as they are the most important in an edge sander.


The power that the motor of the sander comes with is unarguably one of the main factors which determine the effectiveness of a sander. It lets you know how big of a project can be tackled with a certain sander.

So, be it an edge sander or any other kind of sander, the power is something which should always be stressed upon.

Make sure you don’t avoid it when choosing and buy according to your needs.


The dimensions, or as some people might like it, the size of the edge sander is also a crucial point.

Since most of the tasks fulfilled by edge sanders are done by holding the sander in your hands, size plays an important part.

If the machine is too bulky and heavy, it will eventually tire you out in a short time and reduce your productivity. Moreover, it can get harder to control the sander as well.

So, choose something which suits your job as well as your hands.

Dust Collection

As you might already be aware, the job of sanding is not very neat and results in creating a lot of mess.

However, this mess can be reduced if the dust collection system of the sander is effective and sucks most of the dirt inside of it.

Otherwise, the place might get a lot messy and prove to be an unhealthy environment as well.


Along with the power capacity of the machine, speed is also a factor that determines how fast you can achieve the sanding job.

To increase your efficiency, it is always good to use a sander with high speed; however, if you are a beginner.

It might not be easy for you to control the sander at high speeds.

So, don’t go for something with the maximum speed as it will only end up in lousy sanding jobs. Go for something which suits you and your experience.

Top 10 Edge Sanders

We have gone through some of the most famous choices by the customers and the most highly rated edge sanders out there in the market to cut the chase for you.

Here we will present the top 10 picks we have for the best edge sander you could get your hands onto.

1. Jet 708447 Edge Sander

Jet 708447 is probably the best edge sander out there which not only comes with a high power rating of 1.5 horsepower but also has a high oscillating speed which makes you glide through your work.

Such is the power that the machine can easily sand even a metal surface, let alone the wooden surfaces.

Storage space is also included, which makes keeping your tools with you easier and the usage is easy, even if you are a beginner.

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  • Dust collection is pretty good
  • Can tilt to easily sand curves
  • High power and speed; professional performance


  • Quite heavy
  • Expensive

2. Delta 31-482 Edge Sander

This edge sander by Delta is another commercial-grade sander that equips a powerful machine that is capable of handling heavy-duty jobs easily.

Although it comes with a huge price tag, the value is justified with its top-notch performance.

You can do sanding in any position ranging from horizontal or vertical, which makes it very handy.

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  • Very powerful
  • Construction of ground steel, long belt life
  • Good dust management


  • Assembling is a bit tricky
  • Expensive

3. Shop Fox W1688 Edge Sander

Shop Fox is a great contender for a good overall machine that comes with a durable body and many features that make it easy to use for beginners.

Even though it weighs around 311 pounds and is hard to use at some spots, the operation is quite good where it can be used.

The advanced features include quick belt release, belt tracking, and so on.

Moreover, it features a powerful 1.5 horsepower motor which is enough to undertake any kind of sanding job.

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  • Durable body
  • Powerful motor
  • Quick belt changes and other advanced features
  • Dust port


  • Finishing is not the best
  • Bulky

4. Powermatic 1791293 3-Phase Edge Sander

If you are someone who truly needs a monstrous machine that could go all day long doing the most heavy-duty jobs, then this machine could be the best choice for you.

Featuring a 3-horsepower motor, this machine is the dream of power-hungry people, and no matter what kind of job or surface is; you would never fall short on power.

However, as you would expect, the price tag is whopping, but certainly, the features provided make it worth it.

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  • Huge work surface with graphite pads
  • 3-HP motor
  • Quick belt changing and adjust tracking
  • Pedestal switch control


  • Very heavy
  • Suitable only for large-scale work
  • Very expensive

5. Baileigh ES-6100 Edge Sander

Although this sander is not very well-known and is not currently used by a lot of people, we found it too worthy of being skipped as it provides a very good value for the money you pay.

Coming with the ability to stand vertical, horizontal, or at 45 degrees, it can do the job effectively and comes with a durable cast-iron table that goes on for a long time.

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  • Affordable
  • Good performance for small projects
  • Tilting head is effective
  • Cabinet storage


  • Only suitable for small-scale work
  • Not the best finishing

6. Shop Fox W1845 Edge Sander

This is another great product by Shop Fox, which features a very heavy-duty motor and is suitable for large-scale or commercial projects.

However, it is not recommended if you are looking to use it personally as you would not need such a powerful motor, plus it costs a hefty amount as well.

The speed of the sanding belt is a whopping 3150FPM which is enough for any kind of sanding job whatsoever.

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  • 3-HP motor
  • High sanding speed
  • Best for commercial usage


  • Bulky
  • Expensive

7. Shop Fox W1730 Edge Sander

Yet another product by the great manufacturer. You might have guessed by now how effective Shop Fox is in making these high-quality sanders.

Anyway, this is probably the most famous sander by the maker and is liked by the customer a lot!

Having a very durable body, it comes with very effective 4-inch dust ports that don’t let your surroundings get dirty while sanding.

The milter gauge is adjustable up to 180-degrees, and the cast-iron tables give a lot of stability to it.

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  • Permanently lubricated ball-bearing
  • Quick-release belt
  • Easy to work with
  • Very suitable for high-end jobs


  • Belt accumulated dust
  • Doesn’t feature any extra attachments

8. Grizzly Industrial G9984 Edge Sander

This is another great machine that is mainly targeted at customers who are looking for some heavy-duty machine to be used in large-scale projects.

Having all the advanced features such as quick-belt release and magnetic switch, the machine makes it quite easy and efficient to be used and increases your productivity by a lot.

The motor is high-performing 3-HP, and you get two 4-inch dust ports to keep the environment clean.

More photo & price on amazon.com


  • Good dust collection
  • 3-HP powerful motor
  • Belt tension and tracking is adjustable
  • Magnetic switch


  • Very expensive

9. Grizzly Industrial G9985 Edge Sander

Coming from the same manufacturer and a very similar set of features, this machine is almost equally effective as the previous machine we discussed, however, this is three-phase, as compared to the previous one which was single-phased.

Other than that, there is not a lot of differences between the two, and when using, they are equally good and get the job done in the best way possible.

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  • Quick belt release
  • 3-phase
  • 3-HP powerful motor


  • Expensive

10. Grizzly Industrial G083P Edge Sander

Having a 1.5-HP engine, not only does it feature a decently rating power motor, but also the sander is affordable and packs a lot of features as well which makes it easy to use and increases your productivity while working.

The machine features a handy dust port of 4-inches which makes it easy to take care of the dust being generated by the sanding, while the 90 degrees sanding belt tilt makes your job of doing the curves easier as well.

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  • Affordable
  • Easy to use the power switch
  • Quick-release belt tension
  • Easy to work curves


  • Only a single dust port

Frequently Asked Questions

After going through all the products, let’s now jump to the most frequently asked questions by the beginners as some of them might also be popping up in mind now and then.

What is an edge sander used for?

Just like any other sander, edge sanders are also used in sanding; however, they are much more versatile than the other sanders. They are equipped with a table that allows them to be positioned vertically at the right height.

What are wood shavings?

Wood shavings are the small parts of the wooden floors which are clipped off when you do the sanding work. After being clipped off, they start polluting the air around you, which bothers a lot of people.

Can I use sandpaper for sanding curves?

Yes, you can use sandpaper for sanding the curves as they are convenient to use.

However, even though they are very lightweight and will not tire out your hand while working, they do need you to put in quite an effort while working, so they are only recommended if the job is small.

Can wood shavings be dangerous for health?

Yes, when you are sanding, the wood shavings get into the air and don’t leave the environment anytime soon, which could cause them to be inhaled when you are breathing around them.

This inhaling could be followed by a lot of problems with your health, so it is better to take care of it beforehand.

What does dust collection do?

Dust collection is a system implemented within the sanders to combat the pollution arising from the job of sanding such as the wood shavings.

It is done through some dust ports which suck in the pollution as it keeps on getting released from the floor.

Hence, your environment stays healthy and clean.


Edge sanders certainly play an important role in sanding and are definitely something to be owned if you need to get done with finishing the curves well.

After going through the top models available in the market which provide the best value and performance, I hope you would have made your mind about the one which you should be getting according to your personal preferences and the nature of the job you intend to do.

However, make sure you go through the buying guide before you make your final choice.

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