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There are various occasions when you need sanding jobs done at your home, whether you are building a new one or renovating your old one.

Even though the job is not that hard, and you can do it yourself, it is necessary to have a good sander to make your work easy.

However, the problem arises when you find yourself stuck in between the models you have to choose from.

There are a lot of them, and frankly, only a handful of them are useful. So, this article will provide you with the top 12 best belt disc sanders to choose from.

Buyer’s Guide

Before you make your choice of buying the best sander for you, here are specific points to consider to make the best choice possible.


As many of you would not probably have any prior experience with sanders and how to use them efficiently, it is quite important to choose something extremely easy to use so you can get the job done in the best way and the least time possible.

Otherwise, you may waste your time and regret the decision to buy the sander.

Wood Shaving

As you might know, there is a lot of waste wood shavings released when you are sanding the surfaces.

These wood shavings can affect your health, so first off, never forget to wear a breathing mask while doing the job.

Secondly, prioritize to choose a sander which deals with wood shavings efficiently.

And if it doesn’t, these wood shavings might affect the overall capacity of the sander as they provide a lot of friction.

Value for Money

If you need to buy a premium-end disc sander, you don’t just blindly go to buy the most expensive one available out there.

This doesn’t always end up good as there are some sanders which are cheap but provide you with better value for your money than the expensive ones.

This essentially means that there will be only a few noticeable differences between the two models, but in prices, there will be a huge difference. So, choose wisely.


Last but not least, power is certainly something where most of the customers are dissatisfied.

Power determines how heavy-duty the sander can perform and how much load it can take.

Normally, you won’t face any power-related problems on any model if the job is not too big.

However, if the job is major, you should pay attention to the power and capability of the sander, or it might not perform according to your expectations.

Top 12 Belt Disc Sanders

After thorough research, we’ve compiled a list of our top-notch recommendations for all you sander enthusiasts. The commentary on the set of features would help you choose the best available sander in the market.

1. Bucktool Belt Disc Sander

There is a reason this product sits at the top of the list.

Not only does this belt disc sander from Bucktool has a powerful motor, but it also performs quite efficiently and lets you finish your work in the least time possible.

Having a durable metal base, you can apply as much pressure as you want while sanding, and it will endure it easily.

There is the option of both placing the belt vertically or horizontally according to the needs.

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  • The motor is quiet but powerful
  • Stable non-slip base
  • Can be positioned anyway from 0 to 90 degrees
  • Lockout power switch


  • Dust ports are not the best

2. Rikon Power Tools Disc Sander

Having a very convenient power switch which makes the operations a piece of cake, this disc sander by Rikon Power tools has a mighty motor, which is not very huge and doesn’t make much noise.

Using it, you could breeze through your work efficiently, thanks to the disc speed of around 1720 rpm.

Just like the previous product we saw, you can work at any angle you like from 0 to 90 degrees, which makes it very versatile.

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  • Two dust ports
  • Can be tilted to 90 degrees
  • Easy to use the power switch
  • The high disc rotation rate
  • Powerful compact motor


  • Can have bearing issues after some time

3. Shop Fox W1855 Vertical Belt Disc Sander

This is another excellent belt disc sander that has a very powerful motor, working with a speed of 3600 rpm.

This power makes it enough for not only the small projects but also the larger ones that need heavy-duty motors.

The cast-iron base can withstand any pressure you put on top of it so you can work without any worry.

Having two dust ports, it manages dust well and doesn’t let it become an obstacle in your sanding.

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  • Two dust ports
  • 3600 rpm motor
  • Adjustable belt tension
  • Various discs and belts can be used
  • Affordable


  • The upper part is made from plastic
  • Cannot sand longer pieces

4. Jet J-41002 Bench Belt and Disc Sander

Jet is a major brand when it comes to competitive belt sanders, and this product is no different.

With an exceptionally designed and durable build, this sander features a solid base that endures any pressure you put upon it and goes on for a very long time.

The motor is very powerful and is capable of running the belt at 3450 rpm, which is enough for any kind of sanding job.

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  • Compact but powerful
  • Very solid durable base
  • Easy power switch
  • Tilting table; milter gauge


  • Changing the belt requires removing the table
  • Bad runout of the disc plate

5. Powertec BD4600 Belt Disc Sander

Coming with a base made out of cast iron, this sander provides you with enough stability, and you can work without any worries while putting as much pressure on the base as you want to.

Unlike many other models, the belt is extremely easy to replace with this model due to the availability of a quick-release lever.

You can do sanding on the edges as well as the machine can operate anywhere around 0 to 45 degrees, and the motor is quite powerful and won’t likely let you down.

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  • Durable and stable cast-iron base
  • Powerful induction motor
  • Very easy to change the belt
  • Can adjust belt from 0 to 90 degrees
  • Can sand from 0 to 45 degrees


  • None

6. Wen 6515T Belt Sander

This is one of the most famous choices of belt disc sander among the customers and had extremely good reviews due to several features.

First off, it has a sturdy, durable construction that offers a strong base to offer stability.

Secondly, the motor is quite powerful and provides up to 3450 rpm for the disc.

The dust ports are extremely effective in keeping your workspace as clean as possible.

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  • Excellent dust ports
  • 2.3A powerful motor
  • Precision operation; milter gauge
  • Durable and stable base


  • Tricky to assemble
  • Noisy

7. Grizzly Industrial H6070 Belt Disc Combo Sander

With the capability of operating at any angle between 0 and 45 degrees for both belt and sanding table, you can do sanding at any edge or corner with this sander efficiently.

It has a powerful 110-V motor, which is capable of running at 3450 rpm, making you swift through your work.

Moreover, it is affordable and features a removable belt platen.

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  • Affordable
  • The belt and disc can tilt to 45-degrees
  • Easy to set up
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Made for the US only
  • Vibrates much
  • Narrow belt

8. Wen 6502T Disc Sander

Just like the previous sander we discussed from WEN, this one also comes with a durable build and a cast-iron base, which is very stable so that you can expect a long life expectancy from it.

You can tilt the belt to 90 degrees so that any corner can be easily covered with the powerful 3600 rpm motor.

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  • Great value for money
  • Milter gauge
  • Easy to change the belt
  • The cast-iron base is stable and prevents vibration
  • Blade guard for safety


  • Not suitable for heaviest loads
  • Cannot be used to sand metal

9. SKIL Belt/Disc Sander

Coming in a very affordable price tag, although this sander is not really recommended for huge workloads, it performs just fine for your regular house sanding, which doesn’t need a very powerful motor.

Providing very good value for your money, this machine is quite versatile and can sand any angle between 0 to 90 degrees.

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  • Belt table adjustment
  • Tension spring adjustment
  • Very easy to mount
  • Very affordable
  • Easy operation


  • Not the most durable
  • Not suitable for heavy usage

10. Rikon Professional Power Tools 50-122 Disc Sander

This sander is probably one of the most premium sanders we have on the list.

Although It comes with a pretty huge price tag, it certainly justifies the price and gives you good value for the money you pay.

The motor capable of 1 HP does wonders and can get even the heaviest of the jobs done without any worry with a totally adjustable from horizontal to the vertical belt to fit your needs.

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  • 1HP motor
  • Can tilt any value between 0 to 90 degrees
  • Quiet motor
  • Good for heavy usage
  • Dust ports are good


  • The stand is not strong
  • Flat-surface sanding is hard

11. Goplus 5-Inch Belt and Disc Sander

You might not have heard about this sander a lot, but we assure you it is totally deserving to be in our top 12 picks as it outperformed the expectations and has really good customer reviews as well.

With a very versatile design and the ability to tilt till 45 degrees for both belt and disc tables, you can work just according to your needs, and the assembly of the machine is very easy.

The build quality is very durable, complimented by a multifunctional motor.

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  • High-quality body
  • Disc and belt can be tilted
  • Easy to assembly
  • Powerful motor for home projects
  • Very affordable


  • Sharp edges
  • Assembly instructions are not very clear

12. Jet J-4210K Belt and Disc Sander

Yet another great sander by Jet, which features a powerful motor that can easily undergo even the heavier projects and features a very good dust collection system as well.

Though it costs much in your pocket, sanding will be heaven for you once you get this machine.

The quality is decent, and sanding can be done with precision.

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  • Good dust collection
  • Precise sanding
  • Tables made from cast-iron
  • The belt is easy to access
  • Good dust collection


  • Very expensive; not the best value for money

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that are very brief to answer, but beginners often find it difficult to seek their answers.

Let’s see some of those questions.

What is a belt disc sander used for?

While the disc sanders are mainly used for roughly shaping the area and defining the outer curves, belt sanders are used to give final sanding touches to the ground to make them neat.

How do you use a disc and belt sander?

There is a different operation related to each sander you use depending upon its architecture, but you generally place the disc on the ground and start applying pressure on the machine, so the ground gets sanded according to the angle and pressure you use.

What are wood shavings?

Wood shavings are the waste that remains from the wood when you are sanding a wooden floor. These can be referred to as the extra wooden part clipped off during sanding.

Can wood shavings be dangerous for you?

Yes, wood shavings can be really dangerous.

That is why it is recommended to use a breathing mask when you are dealing with wood shavings.

What does dust collection do?

Dust collection is a system in sanders where a dust port creates a vacuum and sucks in all the remainder of the sanding action, which can be harmful to you or your environment. Such as wood shavings.

How much do belt disc sanders cost?

This entirely depends upon the model and the maker you choose while the professional ones could cost a great fortune, the basic ones which can be used as a hobby start from around $150.


Although sanders are important for renewing your old floors and other tasks, it can be quite hard sometimes to choose a good sander for yourself according to your needs.

This article contains the top 12 picks for the best belt disc sander you can get.

Although all the mentioned models are nearly equal in performance, you choose one according to your personal requirements.

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